Research Projects (2016-2017)

In 2016-2017, the Centre conducted a wide range of projects, focused in the following areas:

Academic Genres

  • Proposal for the integration of an experiential learning component into a dissertation writing course for Social Sciences (J. Lee; T. Ip)


  • CAES assessment policy (M. Raquel; P. Smyth; S. Boynton; N. Fong; K. Yung; B. Wo)
  • Validation of the DELTA (M. Raquel; F. Fang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; V. Man, Hong Kong Baptist University; R. Wong, City University of Hong Kong; R. Hunger, University of Macau)
  • Medical terminology test (M. Raquel; S. Boynton; L. Wakeland)

Autonomy and Language Learning

  • Online project for the improvement of university speaking (OPTIMUS) (K. Lau; D. Gardner, K. Pat; J. King, City University of Hong Kong; J. Robbins, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; H. Wong, City University of Hong Kong)
  • Promoting learner autonomy through a self-access language learning (SALL) component of a taught English course (E. Law)

Discourse Analysis

  • An ethnographic study of the triad mentality in Hong Kong (P. Wong)
  • From transition to enculturation: The discourse of postgraduate learning at HKU (K. Lau)
  • Triad discourse in three social domains: A critical discourse analysis (P. Wong)


  • An investigation of students’ writing needs and problems in an English-in-the-discipline (ED) course for Social Sciences (J. Lee; P. Wong)
  • Online support for academic writing for engineering curriculum (OSAWEC) (E. Kwan; D. Gardner; A. Ha; W. Ho)
  • Epistemic and rhetorical recontextualization in undergraduate Engineering writing: A text-informed investigation (K. Ho)

Language Education

  • Motivating student collaborative learning with mobile technology in EAP classrooms (L.L.C Wong; G. Lai; K. Ngeow; A. Wong; M. Zee)
  • Remediating Chinese EFL speakers’ pronunciation difficulties (M. Yeldham)

Pedagogy and EAP Innovation

  • Peer feedback instruction and the development of evaluative capacities (A. Wong; D. Datwani)

Postgraduate Writing and Technology

  • Enhancing disciplinary postgraduate thesis writing via a data-driven learning approach (L.L.C. Wong; P. Crosthwaite; L. Cheung)

Technology in Language Learning

  • Case studies on how Chinese English learners in Hong Kong secondary schools mediate automated content feedback and related contextual learning elements for essay writing: Implications for pedagogy ( C. Lee; W. Cheung, Hong Kong Baptist University; K. Wong, Hong Kong Baptist University)


Funding for the projects came from various sources including the HKU Seed Fund, University Grants Committee, Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) of Hong Kong Education Bureau, and Teaching Development Grants.